Independence High School


To be independent means many and varied things. It means one is part of an independent and sovereign nation; it demonstrates strength and self-reliance, the ability to be self-sufficient; it evokes the power of critical thinking and open dialogue; it expresses the freedom to make choices and to explore all possibilities.

And when the founding fathers drafted the Declaration of Independence and signed it in 1776, they mutually pledged to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor. This indicates another facet of independence, which is unity. For people to thrive and achieve great things there has to be an environment of commitment, connection, and respect.

In Frisco ISD, we embrace these concepts as we work with parents and the community to prepare students for the future and for their time ofindependence. When students leave our halls and homes to pursue theirlives, their liberties and their happiness, we want them to have the skills they need to follow their dreams, to achieve their goals, to find their place in the world, and to be the productive citizens and leaders of tomorrow.

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