Curtsinger Elementary school


Claude Curtsinger was one of the most influential men in Frisco. A druggist and pharmacist, he was the owner of the Curtsinger Drug Store - an institution in Frisco for over 45 years. His father opened the drug store in 1922 and Claude bought it in 1948 when his father retired. It was a status symbol for the young people in town to work at the Curtsinger's Fountain and it was a center of the social life, as well. Claude lent a listening ear to the younger generation and also lent a helping hand to the sick in the community during the few years in the early 50s when the town was without a doctor.

Claude served in the Navy during World War I and was a graduate of the Baylor University School of Pharmacy. He served on the Frisco ISD School Board, the City Council, the Collin County School Board and was active in the Masonic Lodge and in the Lions Club. His influence in the community was far reaching and his interest in the welfare of his friends, neighbors and the youth earned him great and lasting respect. Claude died in 1973. He and his wife Gertrude had one son, Charles.

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